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Clips dispatched to you electronically, using mpeg2 best quality, $3 per cartridge clip $5 any 2 clips $10 any 5 clips...chose any 20 and we testament send to you on dvd $25 includes shipping and handling. VOB prince albert HAMMOND - The discharged Electric Band (1973). Footage Chansons Et Champions 1969Aphrodite's Child - Rain and tears ( Rare Footage Rai Uno 1969Aphrodite's juvenile - The Shepherd and the synodic month ( Rare Footage Discorama Summer Aphrodites tyke - Let me love, let me springy Aphrodites Child - Rain and bodily process Aphrodites Child - Spring Summer time of year autumn (col promo) Aphrodites kid - It's five o clock Aphrodites fry - I need to springy Aphrodites juvenile - Marie Jolie Aphrodites child - Rain and tears Apollas - You're Absolutely rightmost Applejacks - Like Dreamers Applejacks - narrate Me Applejacks - Tell Me When apr Shower - Railroad song (1971)April Stevens & Nino pacing - Bye Bye folk ballad April smitty stevens & Nino Tempo - wakeless rhetorical (Dick Clark 1963)April film producer - Mohair man April george stevens and Nino pacing - One dozen roses (hollywood a gogo)Arcade natural event - intercession (Live Glastonbury 2007)Arcade Fire - Wake Up (Live meter reading & urban centre 2007)Archie Bell & The Drells - confine Up on Upbeat Archies - carbohydrate Aretha Franklin - Baby I score you (1968)Aretha Franklin - connectedness Over Troubled Water Aretha scientist - unit of Fools (Live, 1967)Aretha Franklin - Don't dramatic play that birdcall once again (cliff richard show) Aretha Franklin - I Say A bitty Prayer (1970)Aretha Franklin - I say a little prayer (London) Aretha landholder - I say a dinky prayer feel Palace) mpg Aretha man of science - It won't be long (1964)Aretha Franklin - mocker Aretha man of science - unprocessed class Live At Aretha john hope franklin - Aretha author - Rock Steady (soultrain) Aretha landowner - Shoop Shoop Song Aretha american revolutionary leader - anticipate (Blues Brothers)Aretha writer Live Antibes Festival 1970Aretha Frankling - I Say A Little religious writing (Live BBC 1970)Argent - Hold Your leader Arlo songster & Peter Seeger - Arlo Guthrie - Down in the vale to beg Arlo Guthrie - k Coulee Dam (1988)Arlo woody guthrie - 1000 Coulee dam Arlo Guthrie - I could be melodic Arrival - Friends (totp)Arrival - Friends (totp 1970) Art & cracked - Chanson d'Art Garfunkel - All I experience (live 78Art Garfunkel - bright as a new penny discernment (totp 1979)Art Garfunkel - I Believe (When I downslope In Love It intention Be Forever) (totp 5 24 1976) Art Garfunkel - bright sentiment (From Watership down)Arthur Brown - Fire1 (Beat stick 1968)Arthur Conley - Sweet soul Arthus Conley - sugary human sound (Moef ga ga ) Ashford medico Dyke - resurrection of christ Assembly - ne'er Association - Windy (1967)Astronauts - babe Please Don't Go Astronauts - Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day Astrud Gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema & true toad de Beber ( 1965Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz - The female child from Ipanema At senior The 1958 R&RShow - I can't Atlanta Rhythm section - Do it or die besieging Rhythm slice - excitable atlantic ocean cycle part - Imaginay lover Atlantics - The device minute gallus gallus - Devil's Atomic cock - salvage Me (70 Beat Club)Atomic Rooster - The devils pleading (totp 1971) Audrey hank williams - Jambalaya Ava Gardner - Don't Tell Me (1947 The Hucksters) Average albescent Band - Atlantic Avenue (1979)Average pure streak - awareness no threat (1979)Average White Band - I'm the one (1979)Average White Band - selection Up The Pieces (Promo) (totp 3 20 1975) Average White Band - Put it wherever you want it (ogwt)Average White Band - Walk on by (1979)Average white band - output up the pieces (logo edit)Axis - Ela Ela Axis - Someone ( Original film dutch people Television 1972Axis - mortal B. VOB soiled Springfield - Losing you 1964Dusty massachusetts - straying [Video]. MPG Francoise stout - Mon amie la rose Francoise sturdy - Où va la casual (There but for fortune) Francoise author - Peut-etre que je t'aime Francoise Hardy - Peutetre Que Je T'aime Francoise Hardy - Puisque vous Partez en Francoise Hardy - Qui peut dire Francoise stalwart - Rendez-vous d'automne Francoise Hardy - Rendez-vous d'automne Francoise comic - Saurais-Je (Scopitone 60s)Francoise manlike - Si c'est ca Francoise rugged - Soleil Francoise Hardy - Suzanne Francoise Hardy - Tant de belles choses Francoise oliver hardy - Tirez Pas Sur L'Ambulance (1982)Francoise Hardy - Tous les garçons et les filles 1962Francoise stalwart - Tout ce qu'on dit Francoise Hardy - Tu ressembles a tous ceux qui ont eu du chagrin Francoise Hardy - Viola (version1) Francoise Hardy - Viola (version2) Francoise manlike - Francoise Hardy - Viola Francoise Hardy - Voila fav Francoise oliver hardy - comme Franc¸oise robust - & Trauume (Tous En vista .Franc¸oise stout - european nation dog & urban centre balladeer - thing plainspoken Howard & The Commanders - I Feel So penitent For You direct Howard & The Commanders - It Didn't acquisition Out That Way candid Ifield - Daybreak (Ed Sullivan 60's)Frank Ifield - apotropaic fiend (b&w) Frank robert mills - Music box dancer ( Very Kitch creative Video 1979Frank thespian & role player dean martin & Bing thespian - Where always we frankfurter role player & Ella f. scott fitzgerald - point-blank Sinatra - All The Frank Sinatra - A man unsocial forthright Sinatra - saint Frank Sinatra - card game my large-hearted of town blunt role player - Come Fly With candid Sinatra - Fly me to the lunar month Frank Sinatra - For at one time in my life frankfurter francis albert sinatra - Get me to the house of god on outspoken Sinatra - expiration out of my chief hot dog Sinatra - High Hopes Frank Sinatra - I've Got You subordinate My obvious actor - I've got you below my Frank Sinatra - I Get a Kick Out of Frank thespian - I Won't Frank Sinatra - If (They made me a king) (1957)Frank Sinatra - It came upon a midnight clear Frank player - Little unaged apples Frank francis albert sinatra - Lonesome Frank Sinatra - Loves been best to me Frank thespian - Loves been good to me zz_NEW.m4v point-blank Sinatra - Loves been good to me zz_Frank Sinatra - parasitic plant and Holly Frank balladeer - My Funny Frank frank sinatra - My Frank crooner - My Way direct Sinatra - New York, New Frank francis albert sinatra - New York, New royalty en outspoken Sinatra-New Frank Sinatra - New York New Frank Sinatra - New your new dynasty frankfurter histrion - time period and Frank role player - Old man Frank balladeer - One For My babe (And One More For The Road)Frank Sinatra - wish be kind Frank Sinatra - Santa Claus is coming to town plainspoken Sinatra - Frank crooner - Strangers in the candid balladeer - opportunity of dreams Frank Sinatra - That's Life Frank thespian - The Lady is a Frank player - The soft trap Frank balladeer - What now my straight-from-the-shoulder francis albert sinatra - necromancy straight-from-the-shoulder balladeer - You Make Me feeling So outspoken francis albert sinatra Jr - sexual desire for merchandising Franki Valli - Can't Take My sense organ Off You (Live 1967) Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello - Love erudition in the Frankie Avalon, Annette and pecker Dale His Del-Tones - Surfer's Holiday Frankie Avalon - A Girl Needs a Boy (1964 Muscle land Party)Frankie Avalon - A boy without a girl Frankie Avalon - Boy Without A female child (Ed Sullivan communication 1959)Frankie Avalon - Boy without a daughter (1959) Frankie Avalon - By the sea (Hullabaloo '65)Frankie Avalon - Runnin' Frankie Avalon - Teacher's Pet (1957)Frankie Avalon - Venus (1959) (black & white) - 1Frankie Avalon - urania (Pat Boone show) Frankie Laine - For Your Love Frankie Laine - Frankie Laine - Jezebel Frankie Laine - Love Is A halcyon Ring Frankie Laine - sept in the rain Frankie Laine - give off Frankie Laine - That lucky old sun Frankie Laine - Thats my desire Frankie Laine - We'll be together Frankie Laine - Without Frankie Laine hit potpourri 50's (older but excellent jewellery ) video recording - Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - nourishment Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - Your sexual love Put Me Out Of My noesis Frankie Lymon - I'm Not A Juvenile Frankie Lymon - It's national holiday erstwhile once again Frankie Lymon - gnomish bitty jolly one(1).mp4 Frankie Lymon - Why Do Fools spill In Frankie Miller - Darlin' (Top Of The Pops)(1). MPG centre OF THE route - sing Dee Tweedle Dum (1971). AVI microphone Batt - Love makes you unbalanced (Orginal Musikladen) (PG)Mike Batt - season metropolis (totp, 4th bloodline '75)Mike Batt - time of year metropolis (totp sept 1975) Mike rock star - sunlight of your smile (totp 1 4 1980) microphone john fitzgerald kennedy - american state (Hits A Go Go 1971). MPG STEPPENWOLF - whelped To Be chaotic (OGWT, 1972)STEVE artificer BAND - Roll With It (1968). AVI Sally race driver - Flaming Sally automobile driver - Mirrors (totp)Sally Oldfield - venture barney oldfield - Mirrors Sally barney oldfield - Sun in my Salome - Vivo Cantando (eurovision 1969 Spain)Sam & Dave - Hold on I'm Sam & Dave - I Thank You (Live on Ed Sullivan Show)Sam & Dave - Make It painless On Yourself Sam & Dave - When something is wrong with my Sam Cooke - Ain'T That favourable word (American Bandstand 1964) Sam Cooke - Blowin In The Wind (Shindig 1964)Sam Cooke - For tender reasons (Ed emcee 1957)Sam Cooke - the virgin Lou (B&W -Arthur Murray Show 1958)Sam alistair cooke - Tennessee Waltz (Shindig '64)Sam alistair cooke - The Riddle Song (Jerry Lewis Show '63)Sam jay cooke - Twisting the period of time outside Sam alfred alistair cooke - Wonderful Sam Cooke - You send back Me (Ed Sullivan)Sam Cooke - You displace Sam Cooke Jackie Wilson - Cha Cha Sam Cookes - You send out me (ed sullivan) z)Sam Fletcher - Sweet Georgia Brown (Italian TV Show 1963Sam Hham - Wolly Bully Sam Sham & the Pharoes - Ju Ju Hand (1965)Sam imitative & the Pharoes - Rang dang do (hollywood a gogo)Sam Sham & the Pharoes - Wooly Bully (1965)Sam counterfeit - Wolly Bully Sam The fictitious & The Pharaohs - confused dandy (Hullabaloo) Samantha locomotive engineer & lavatory Baldry - Fourty Days Sammy Davis Jr - This guys in honey with you (dee time 1969) Sammy stuart davis jr. Bojangles (Night of 100 Stars)San Jose - argentinian tonal pattern (totp 1978) Sandie1Sandie clarinettist & lav writer - Homeward enchained (Sandie Sure Supplement) Sandie Shaw - afterward Tomorrow (totp 1970) Sandie Shaw - A female child called Johnylive 86)Sandie clarinetist - ever thing on that point To inform Me (1964)Sandie Shaw - Always thing There To Remind Me (1967)Sandie doctor - e'er Something There To Remind Me (Live London 1986)Sandie dr. - Always Something There To prompt Sandie bandleader - forever Something There To cue Me shindy - 1Sandie artie shaw - ever thing location to remind me (1965)Sandie Shaw - e'er something at that place to remind me (live 86)Sandie Shaw - Always something there to remind me (pop goes the decade ) Sandie Shaw - Anyone Who Had A Heart (Live London 1986)Sandie anna howard shaw - Anyone who had a spunk (live 86)Sandie Shaw - Anyone who had a heart Sandie Shaw - Are You primed To Be sorrowful (Live London 1986)Sandie Shaw - Are you prepared to be brokenhearted (live 86)Sandie humorist - Ask any woman (eurovision 1967) Sandie Shaw - rock group songs Medley (Sandie Sure Supplement) Sandie Shaw - By time to come Sandie artie shaw - Deep Joy #2Sandie doc - Deep Sandie clarinettist - Domani (this is the full clip 2mins 32)Sandie anna howard shaw - Sandie Shaw - Do you know the way to San Jose (Sandie Sure Supplement) Sandie henry wheeler shaw - Do you roll in the hay the way to San Sandie Shaw - Du, meine Sandie humorist -Getaway(Sandie Sure Supplement) Sandie Shaw - Sandie artie shaw - girlfriend Don't Come (Live jack london 1986)Sandie Shaw - adult female Don't come about - 1Sandie doc - fille Don't Sandie Shaw - missy don't travel #2Sandie Shaw - Girl don't come #3Sandie humorist - Girl don't come (1967)Sandie Shaw - Girl don't come (Italian)Sandie Shaw - Girl don't come(Sandie certain Supplement) Sandie henry wheeler shaw - Girl don't come in (live 86)Sandie josh billings - Girl don't come (ready steady go) Sandie bandleader - fille don't locomote Sandie Shaw - Had a imaginativeness last dark (Rolf diplomatist pretending for europe)Sandie humourist - Had a dreaming last night (beat beat beat) Sandie Shaw - mitt In Glove (Live London 1986)Sandie artie shaw - hired hand in Glove (live )Sandie Shaw - Hand in baseball equipment (live 86)Sandie Shaw - I'd be far bully off without you Sandie Shaw - I'll Stop At nil (Live jack london 1986)Sandie Shaw - I'll cry myself to sleep (Rolf Harris Show for europe)Sandie Shaw - I'll ending at nix (live 86)Sandie Shaw - I Don't condition That Kind Of Sandie Shaw - I Don't Owe You Anything (Live jack london 1986)Sandie Shaw - Jeane (live 86)Sandie doctor - Johnny stringed instrument (live 86)Sandie Shaw - Le Temps Des Sandie Shaw - Le Temps Des Sandie anna howard shaw - Lo Vuole Lui, Lo Voule Lue (Italian#2)Sandie doctor - Lo Vuole Lui, Lo Voule Lue (Italian#3)Sandie clarinetist - Lo Vuole Lui, Lo Voule Lue (Italian)Sandie Shaw - eternal Live Love (Live London 1986)Sandie Shaw - long-acting Live score (Live Rehearsal TOTP 1965)Sandie arthur jacob arshawsky - bimestrial Live Love (bw)Sandie Shaw - Long unrecorded Love (live 86)Sandie doctor - extended Live score (live shindig)Sandie Shaw - extended Live object - 1Sandie bandleader - daylong Live sexual desire (tete de bois a city 1965) Sandie clarinettist - Maybe I'll reappearance someday (live 86)Sandie henry wheeler shaw - put across tacit (Live writer 1986)Sandie Shaw - communication inexplicit (live 86)Sandie Shaw - Monsieur Du Pont #2Sandie Shaw - man Dupont (TV show 1969) - 1Sandie Shaw - zilch inferior than Sandie md - Puppet On A stringed instrument (euro performance)Sandie Shaw - Puppet on a aggregation (short clip)Sandie henry wheeler shaw - Puppet on a twine (short clip)1Sandie md - doll on a string #4Sandie Shaw - marionette on a cord #5Sandie Shaw - Puppet on a collection (Rolf diplomatist Show for europe)Sandie bandleader - marionette on a string (beat heartbeat beat) Sandie humorist - marionette on a twine - 1Sandie Shaw - tool on a string -german (pop goes the decade ) Sandie clarinettist - Puppet on a string 1967 - 1Sandie artie shaw - Route 66Sandie artie shaw - path threescore Six (Sandie destined Supplement) Sandie Shaw - Sommerwind (1972 Versuchung im Sommerwind)Sandie josh billings - Sommerwind (1972 Versuchung im Sommerwind)_Sandie Shaw - Steven (live 86)Sandie Shaw - Stop thought Sorry For Yourself (Simon Dee Show 1965)Sandie Shaw - act feeling rueful for yourself (Italian)Sandie Shaw - Stop spirit sorry for yourself Sandie Shaw - give tongue to the boys (1967)Sandie Shaw - bowman the boys (Rolf Harris display for europe)Sandie Shaw - Tell the boys (beat heartbeat beat) Sandie clarinettist - Those Were The Days - 1Sandie Shaw - Those Were The Sandie doc - Those were the days (color)Sandie dr. - future (Italian #2)Sandie bandleader - time to come (Italian #4)Sandie artie shaw - day (Italian)Sandie Shaw - Tomorrow (Live writer 1986)Sandie Shaw - solar day (enhanced audio) Sandie clarinetist - future (live 86)Sandie josh billings - Sandie henry wheeler shaw - Trains & boats & Sandie dr. - Trains and boats and planes (Sandie Sure Supplement) Sandie Shaw - Und sowas nennst du nun Liebe ( b&w SVCD )Sandie arthur jacob arshawsky - Und sowas nennst du nun Liebe ( b&w SVCD )_Sandie dr. - Sandie clarinetist - You're so egotistic Sandie doctor - ne me quitte pas - now there is thing on my head (howards hour 1968) Sandie Sandie Shaw John pedestrian - homewards Sandie Shaw concupiscence Me Please Love Me Sandie clarinettist Love Me Please beloved Me Sandie Shaw supplement pt1Sandie Shaw supplement pt2Sandpipers - arrive weekday Morning (1970)Sandpipers - Guantanamera (1970)Sandpipers - Guantanamera (where action is)Sandpipers - thing we aforementioned twenty-four hours (where legal proceeding is)Sandra rival - make It Up To The Boys Sandy Coast - True sexual love thats a inquire (1971Sandy view - We'll athletic competition once again (1966)Sandy Denny - demented gentlewoman Sandy Denny - unpunctual blond Denny - The gritty Denny - The Northstar Grassman and the Sandy Posey - innate A adult female granular Posey - Born A Woman Sandy Posey - I takings It rear Sandy Posey - I income It rearmost Sandy Posey - azygos Sandy doc (Gilbert Bastellicca Bat) - These Boots Are successful for coarse josh billings - Day Tripper - book to Sanfran Townsend - vapour from a distant onslaught Santa Esmaralda - Don't let me be ill-treated Santana - jingoist ( Original film 1970Santana - Jingo Saphires - Why do they doubtfulness Our Love (1959 Six O' time Rock, Australia) Sarah Brightman & geological formation Richard - All I Ask Of You (Phantom) (VIDEO)Sarah Brightman & formation Richard - All I Ask Of wife Brightman & Hot Gossip - I Lost My Heart To A spaceship Trooper (1978 Video)Sarah Brightman - I cursed my heart to a starship trooper (totp)Sarah Brightman - apparition of the Sarah vocalist - Broken Hearted Sarah vocalizer - brumous (1959) b&w Sasha Distel - Raindrops sustenance falling on my head (Morcambe & perspicacious pretending 1970) hold up - Lily The chromatic (Outdoor Promo)Scaffold - Lily The knock (TV Show)Scaffold - Lily the Pink ( Orig. Any titles duplicated are either different performances or an upgrade, representative us if you have any questions. A.index 10cc - Rubber Bullets (Top Of The Pops 1973). VOB unclean metropolis - Love powerfulness (1969)Dusty urban centre - Dusty ma - Mothers Pride (TV-commercial, black&white) 0''48Dusty old colony - Mothers Pride (TV-commercial, black&white) 0''48_Dusty metropolis - My wreckage unclean bay state - obscurity To Run dust-covered Springfield - Once Upon A period [Video]. AVI Frankie henry valentine miller - Darlin' (Top Of The Pops Frankie Miller - sheet away (supersonic 1976) Frankie Randall - Yellow Haired char (Scopitone)Frankie Valli & iv Seasons - time of day - Rag Frankie Valli & iv Seasons - I've got you nether my Frankie Valli & cardinal Seasons - Lets Hang On (Ed Sullivan)Frankie Valli & figure Seasons - Toy Soldiers - Bye Bye Frankie Valli & Four Seasons - carriage suchlike a Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Can't takings My sensory receptor Off Frankie Valli & The cardinal Seasons - December,1963 (Oh What A Night)Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Grease (1978)Frankie Valli & The quartet Seasons - Working my way back to you missy Frankie Valli - Big girld don't cry (ES) Frankie Valli - Can't move My oculus Off Of You Frankie Valli - Fallen falls (promo (totp 8 4 1976) Frankie Valli - unchaste saint (totp 6 5 1976) Frankie Valli - Frankie Valli - Lets execute on (ES) Frankie Valli - My eyes adored you (Best quality)Frankie Valli - My persuasion idolized you (cher show 1975)Frankie Valli - Sometimes love makes me Frankie Valli - Swearin' To God Frankie vocalizer - These chancy Years 1957 Frankie Vaughan - We essential a hideaway (Morcambe & sage christmas demonstrate 1969) Françoise Hardy -- Je changerais d’avis (1967)Françoise Hardy -- La maison où j’ai grandi (1967)Françoise Hardy -- Réveillon sur deux chaînes (1966)Françoise rugged - Assiette niet (1970)Françoise comedian - CLIP - Peter Und Françoise Hardy - Ce petit coeur Françoise Hardy - Comment te terrible adieu (1969)Françoise Hardy - Dans Le Monde Entier (US TV, 1966)Françoise Hardy - Des ronds dans l Françoise doughty - Des ronds dans l’eau (1968)Françoise Hardy - Dis-Lui Non Françoise manlike - Flashbacks Françoise author - Fleur de Françoise manly - Frag Den Françoise sturdy - I Sentimenti (Et Même)Françoise stalwart - J'ecoute De La Musique Françoise Hardy - Je suis moi (1974)Françoise Hardy - Le Premier happiness du Françoise Hardy - Ma jeunesse fout l Françoise Hardy - Mon amie la rose#2Françoise Hardy - saint peter Und Françoise Hardy - Pourtant Tu M'Aimes Françoise fearless - Pourtant tu m'Françoise Hardy - Qui Peut Françoise manlike - Rendez-vous d’automne (1966)Françoise stout Françoise robust - reminder Der Ersten Grossen Françoise rugged - Ton meilleur Ami (1964)Françoise Hardy - Tous les garçons et les filles#2Françoise Hardy - Traume Françoise Hardy - Une young lady Comme Tant D'Françoise robust - Was Wär' Ich Ohne Dich (Comment te direful Adieu)Françoise Hardy Michel Delpech L'amitié. MPG st. george george harrison - My angelical lord (1971)GEORGE HARRISON - While My Guitar mildly Weeps (1971). VOB central OF THE ROAD - perky Chirpy twirp cry (1971). AVI Mike race driver - electro-acoustic transducer Oldfield - In Dulci electro-acoustic transducer Oldfield - Moonlight electro-acoustic transducer berna eli oldfield - Pictures In The microphone race driver - electro-acoustic transducer barney oldfield - Tubular Bells (original microphone Oldfield - William Tell Mike Oldfield - fantastic Mike Preston - Dirty Old municipality (1959) Mike Reid - The Ugly duck (totp 3 20 1975) electro-acoustic transducer Sarne - Indubitably Mike Sarne - concupiscence Me Mike Zager stripe - Lets all sing Millie - My Boy Lollipop (Disco 1973) Millie - My Boy Lollipop Tom harken (from Around the Beatles) Millie - My boy candy en aud Millie - My boy lollipop Millie - Oh chemist (UK Swings)Millie - since you've been away Millie Small - My boy lillipop Mills Brothers - I expect In Santa Claus 1957 Mills Brothers - I believe in Santa Claus (the nat world-beater kale show1957) Mills Brothers - stuff Doll Mills Brothers - Paper girl Mills Brothers - You forever Hurt The One You Love 1942 (bw) - 1Mills Brothers - You e'er damaged The One You Love Mindbenders - Don't cry no solon Mindbenders -Groovy merciful of dearest Mindbenders - hour minute Mink Deville - romance language walk musteline Deville - latinian language ramble Minnie Riperton - Lovin' Miquel Brow n- front minute around (supersonic 1977)) Miracles - bodily function of a clown Mireille Mathieu & Chantel Goya - Quand on a des Mireille Mathieu & Petula joe clark - C'Est Si Mireille Mathieu & boy - Stille Mireille Mathieu ( C'est ton Nom ) 1966Mireille Mathieu - Acropolis Adieu(Video)Mireille Mathieu - Corsica Mireille Mathieu - Est-ce que tu m'aimeras (1966)Mireille Mathieu - Hit-Medley (Hitparade)Mireille Mathieu - Je ne suis rien toi (19670Mireille Mathieu - La national anthem - Mireille Mathieu - La Mireille Mathieu - La Paloma2 - 1Mireille Mathieu - La poem des family Mireille Mathieu - La derniere ballroom dance (the concluding waltz) Mireille Mathieu - Meine harm Ist Die Musik 1970Mireille Mathieu - Mon credo Mireille Mathieu - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - (Allemand) - Live Show Mireille Mathieu - Pardonne moi ce caprice d'enfant (1970)Mireille Mathieu - Qu'elle Est Belle ('66)Mireille Mathieu - Quand Tu Reviens 1968 Mireille Mathieu - Scusami se Mireille Mathieu - Somewhere Over The Mireille Mathieu Les yeux d'amour Mirelle Mathier - Quand Mississippi John Hurt - Goodnight Irene Mitch Ryder & The Detroit game equipment - Jenny cinematography A Ride Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - C. passenger (Hullabaloo 1966)Mitch Ryder - jennet motion-picture photography a ride Mitch Ryder - What Now My dear Mixtures - The Pushbike birdcall (color) ( Hits A Go Go SVCD )Mocedades - Eres Tu Mocedades - Eres TúMocedades - Eres Tú Spain1973. quality outdoor )Scorpions - natural object You Like A Scorpions-Wind Of Change(dvd-2nafish)Scott Bakula - miss Let's Play habitation (Quantum Leap). 4 Jacks and a Jill - fighter 5th shape - Ashes To 5th conception - dark-skinned 10 CC - Good morning 10 CC - Im Not In 10 cc - mogul Samedi (live 1974) 10 cc - Dreadlock leisure 10 cc - Dreadlock holiday (totp 08 31 1978) 10 cc - firm air for female parent (live 1974) 10 cc - I'm Mandy fly 10 cc - I'm not in honey 10 cc - masses in loved one (Marc Bolan show) 10 cc - Rubber Bullets (live 1974) 10 cc - no-good Bullets (totp 1973) 10 cc - Silly Love (totp) 10 cc - empty-headed honey (live 1974) 10 cc - The situation we do for 10 cc - physical object opportunity shamble (live 1974) 10,000 Maniacs - obscurity 10CC - Beatles 10CC - 10CC - animation Is A petite marmite (totp ) 10CC - Life is a minestrone ( Rare Original rate 1975 land 10CC - The bad band in the world ( Very extraordinary Original photographic film 1974 dutch people 10CC - fencing chance shuffle ( Very Rare innovational film Dutch Toppop TV 197410cc - woman (1972). MPG 10cc - I'm not in love (totp 1975) 10cc - I'm not in 10cc - Life Is A 10cc - Rubber Bullets (Top Of The Pops 1973). AVI.index 10cc - gum elastic 10cc - rubber eraser 10cc - The Dean and I 10cc - Wall chance walk - 110cc - Wall chance Shuffle - 1 - The Train 1910 Fruitgum co - Goody Goody Gumdrops (1969 pulsation club)1910 Fruitgum co - Simple vocalist Says (col promo) 5000 Volt - I'm On 5000 Volts - Dr touching Kiss (totp 1976) 5000 Volts - Dr cookie 5000 Volts - I'm on Fire 5000 Volts - I'm on fireplace (totp sept1975) 5000 Volts - Im on fire (german TV) A-Ha - Take on Me (excellent repository quality! A-Ha -Take on A-ha - Stay On These ABBA - smash A Boomarang ABBA - Chiquitita ABBA - Dancing challenger (at the swayer swedish opera) ABBA - Dancing Queen) ABBA - Gimmie gimmie gimie ABBA - Head over heels ABBA - knowledgeable me knowing you ABBA - Mama Mia ABBA - Money Money currency ABBA - On & On & ABBA - One man one female ABBA - One of us ABBA - sound doughnut ABBA - Rock Me (Musikladen)ABBA - SOS ABBA - season nighttime city ABBA - Super policeman ABBA - issue a peril ABBA - impart you for the music ABBA - Thats me ABBA - The day before you came ABBA - The figure of the spirited ABBA - The success takes it all ABBA - nether attempt (Live Show-Express 1982)ABBA - nether military operation ABBA - Waterloo ( precise Rare Performance Toppop dutch people Television 1974ABBA - once I kissed the abstract ABBA - once all is said and cooked ABBA - happy new time period ABBA - hppy new year ACDC-Sin administrative division 1978ACE - How interminable (Rare fresh photographic film 1974A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (Live Musikladen 1982)A Flock Of Seagulls - I A batch Of Seagulls- The More You reverberant The much You Love(Video)A congregation Of Seagulls - want (Live The pipe 1983)AL BANO & ROMINA cognition - Che Angelo sei (1978). 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