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WWASP Survivors | Tranquility Bay

Tranquility Bay open in 1997 as a co-ed quickness in Saint elizabeth ii Parish, Jamaica. wide viewed as one of the harsher WWASP schools, it was run by Jay Kay, the son of the WWASP chief of state Ken Kay. Jay Kay has admitted to pepper-spraying students to keep them.

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WWASP Survivors | WWASP – Owners & Staff

These are the owners, directors, cater and employees of the group Wide Association of Specialty Programs (and Schools) also familiar as teenaged Revitalization, and marketed by immature Help LLC. On every count of abuse against the students in their care, each one of these mass should be control responsible for the crimes they have committed and facilitated on a impressive scale. If you cognise of someone who needs to be added, gratify netmail [email protected] we faculty speech the situation. Jump to: Robert Lichfield Ken Kay Jay Kay Karr Franswroth Ron Garrett Narvin Lichfield Ben Trane Randall Hinton henry m. robert W.

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WWASP & Teen Help Debate - Parents' statements against the program.

I am the nurture of a child who was at Tranquility Bay. Walnut red indian Hospital referred my married man and I to Teen Help. Our daughter was in Tranquility Bay for 10 months and rose to grade 5. At the tenth month, we attended a Seminar, sponsored by young Help, that caused us to ask questions and do further work into system of rules practices and the businesses affiliated with Teen Help.

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