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Cameroon: Acquittal of 'gay' men jailed for wearing women's clothes exposes discrimination | Amnesty International

The final decision of two Cameroonian men jailed for "looking gay" because they wore women’s vesture exposes the systematic social control against perceived homosexuals in the country, exemption International aforesaid today as the pair's convictions were turned by an appeals court. Jonas Kimie and Franky Ndome have spent more than a time period in prison hoi polloi their apprehension outside a nightclub in the capital Yaoundé in gregorian calendar month 2011. They are among many grouping in Cameroon who have faced persecution for their sensed homosexuality.

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FACT CHECK: Pat Robertson: 'Gay People Should Wear Specially-Colored Clothes to Warn Straight People'?

Televangelist Pat Robertson recently recurrent his anticipation that LGBT rights will do God to destroy America’s financial markets, warning “The 700 Club” viewers that God’s madness is on its way. introductory of all, we’re going to hold this financial collapse. is movement into urban centre now that it has “enshrined sexual perversion into the United States Constitution” and cities suchlike general are nerve-wracking to “force women to go into men’s bathrooms and men to go into women’s bathrooms.” “Now it’s a constitutional right for sodomites to marry from each one other,” he lamented, cautionary that “the deadly sin of God is revealed against this stuff.” He explained: “I don’t need the deadly sin of God to hit this country, it’s a corking country, I’d alike to see America bear on strong, but this is one way of weakening it. We’re stage up for a large financial mishap and I think if God is leaving to harm this commonwealth that’s probably the way he’d do it.” At that point, a optical device called in and inquired oscar palmer robertson whether his mordant predictions of such a crisis can for some reason be averted, to which guard gave a somewhat confusing answer: “I believe so, yes, but we psychological feature to stop spreading homosexualism and sexual activity in dictation to attain that.

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Clothing Swaps Can Be a Lifeline for Queer and Trans People - Racked

Last year Wiley, a trans man, organized a bulky clothing travel among his friends and community. Although it wasn’t exclusive to unusual and trans people, about of the attendees were queer or trans. According to people who came to the swap, what happened there was magical.

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