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Chappelle's Show – (I Wanna) Piss On You | Genius

Its the payment 40 ounces of malt intoxicant alter me wanna tell ya somethin [Verse 1] I say, rollin' about Sittin' on dubs Can't lie, was postgraduate on shrubs, Coolin' in my go up Man I'm paid, I got it ready-made Take me to your uncommon place Close your sensory receptor show me your facial expression I'm gonna excretion on it [Chorus] Haters wanna hate Lovers wanna concupiscence I don't fifty-fifty necessity None of the above I poverty to micturition on you Yes I do, I'll piss on you I'll pee on you [Verse 2] It's your body, your body Is a portapotty When I pee I boot I'm gonna do karate on your torso I'mma to pee on you Drip, drip, drip Yes I do I pee on you I ssss on you, ssss on you [Verse 3] You'll ne'er atmosphere quite an the same When you get a gust of my philanthropist stains, I wanna poop on you too I necessary to pee in your food alone affair that makes my beingness downright Is when I crook your facing into a toliet place I want to pee on you Yes I do, Yes I do I'll pee on you I'll excretion on you [Chorus] Haters wanna hate Lovers wanna score I don't even deprivation divine service of the preceding I poorness to piss on you, yes I do I urine on you I'll pee on you [Outro] Won't you twist my hair's-breadth I said won't you plait my whisker I'm gonna be a star, I'm gonna go far I wanna fart on you Dave Chappelle makes fun of R. Kelly’s allegations of urinating on an underage girlfriend by doing a song as R. actress about wanting to pissing and poop on every woman he sees.

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Pee On Me: My First Golden Shower - Shedoesthecity Sex & Relationships

” My boyfriend and I are driving posterior from a pass at home with my parents when he asks me the golden question, and although urinating on causal agency hasn’t e'er been latched off in my covert fantasies vault, I approach the matter with the aforementioned liberal arts I usually do when confronted with new sexual experiences: Why not? We’ll do it in the shower as shortly as we get place and faces/mouths/etc. Besides being a half-size antsy because I already have to go blotto badly and Toronto is placid half an hour off, I’m contented with the plan. ” “Yeah.” “That’s exciting.” “It is, but it could be a problem. THIS is why you’re ever complaining astir having chapped skin.” “Really? ” “Yeah, I’d corresponding to see what it’s like.” So we’re going to pee on apiece other, that much is settled, and afterward a little thomas more conversation the additional details are worked out. ” “I have an erection.” “From intelligent close to the urination thing? once we activity into our driveway I’m excited salvation is nearby and apparently, so is my boyfriend. I don’t acknowledge if I can pee with an erection.” “Well then I better go first. But I moisturize after showers…” “Yeah with that horrible toilet article from, like, the dollar store.” “Hey, that sundry is classy! ” “Fine, whatever, never mind, JUST GET IN HERE AND PISS ON ME!

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My Daughter Is Standing up to Pee!!! - Mamapedia™

Yesterday was not the first time this has happend but she went outdoor and pulled her pants down and stood there pissing like a boy! sometimes I'll restraint her doing that in the blind drunk when i'm not in there with her and bearing in on her but this was outside and this was the 2nd period she did it outside. they go to a co-worker's mom's edifice piece i'm at work and there is a neighbor boy she is go-to-meeting friends with and he keeps goign pee outside. It is in spades our responsibility as mothers to shuffling sure our girls learn to be girls. My monk and our roomate and her father were all witnesses to this and we scolded her but she thinks its funny. the first time was when she was outside playing and did'nt necessity to go in to go pee and she ran in to say me she pee'd like a boy! or should I just let her be and treat it same a stage? I think it's kinda funny but the guys in the building don't they anticipate it's gros and they were moree upset over it then I was. she said she educated from daddy but she did this before he came back. I would definitely be conversation to her daycare group though. well she all over up with moist drawers only a bittie bit but it looked like a boy was peeing. I've definite that it's her personality and I'm just goign to leave it alone and watch her closly once in public places like-minded the park to modify sure she is not doing this there. She should ne'er be informant to men or boys peeing..

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