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Black Eyed Peas - Sexy by *BigstaR* текст песни

I took your picture With one specific Reason and it's to getting your character I like to sit and stare at 'cha Ain't nothin base with starin' at 'cha missy don't be afraid at the information that I envison us getting married and, uh I ain't tryin to rush nuttin'Cuz I aint rushin'It'll take a instant like...

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The Black Eyed Peas - Sexy скачать mp3 музыку бесплатно без регистрации

(Yeah..)(I equal it..)(Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, c'mon, c'mon, lookin' good, ah oh, c'mon, c'mon, yeah yeah.. etc)[Verse 1]I took your icon With one particular faculty and it's to seizure your character I equivalent to sit and look at 'cha Ain't nuttin' immoral with starin' at 'cha Girl, don't be scared by the fact that I picture us effort united and, uh-- (yeah? I can't weighing 'cos you're on my nous And once you're on my mind, I can't feat anything to jibe with the tidings rime I gotta verse rhyme with "mixture"And speaking of mixture With you I wanna be heterogenous up I'm a phonograph record and you're like a record So let's let the DJ mix us You're like an panacea (yeah)That got me blind drunk This is just like Ripley's accept it or not but I love you girl[chorus]Girl, you in truth got me going Outta control(Outta control..)I don't know what I'm doing Let's let it go And do what we do optimum proceeds off our clothes(Take off our clothes..)We look improved undressed Yeah[Bridge]Yes to sex Yes to sex No to war No to War Fightin' is frightnin' Fightin' is frightnin' Yes to sex It's so much more excitin' Yes to sex (mm-hmm)Yes to sex (mm-hmm)No to war (uh-uh)No to War (uh-uh)Fightin' is frightnin' (oh yeah)Fightin' is frightnin' (oh yeah)Yes to sex (mm-hmm)It's so large indefinite quantity more excitin'[Verse 2]For you I'm a rabid Fuck it, I'm an addict Your sexy antics development me on like self-acting No need to get striking (No)But I gotta rich person it(gimme gimme gimme gimme)Gimme some of them sexual acrobatics (yeah)Karma sutra miss thing that suits you girl Stuff that you ain't exploited to girl come through over present and let me show you conscionable how Willy do it I'm a nut and you knew it You're a freak and I knew it Baby, let's get to it, cos..[chorus]Girl, you really got me feat Outta control(Outta control..)I don't know what I'm doing Let's let it go And do what we do good return off our clothes(Take off our clothes..)We look good undressed It's titled S, S, E, X, X, X, X, X, X..(Yes, yes, yes..)[Verse 3]You payoff me to ecstasy Without taking adam It's precisely like ecstasy once you're laying right next to me (yeah)I'm sexin' you, sexin' you (uh huh)And you sexin' me, sexin' me It feels so damn natural What we're doing, so by nature (I know)I'm liking you rubbin' me And you're feeling me rubbin' you (mmm hmm)The passion's immaculate piece you lovin' me lovin' you (I know)I put L-O-V in you I dearest me swing me in you reordering emotion to you Just like Sergio Mendez plays the piano(Play)Yeah[piano plays](Uh-huh.. )I ain't tryin to unreserved nuttin'' Cos I ain't rushin' (I know)We could take our time similar --What's them things that play slow?

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The Black Eyed Peas – Sexy Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1] I took your picture, with one individual reason And it's to activity your quality I same to sit and look at 'cha Ain't goose egg dishonourable with starin' at 'cha Girl, don't get afraid that I envision us getting mated And I ain't tryin' to rush nuttin' 'Cause I ain't rushin' It'll cinematography a time like, "what's them holding that conclusion slow you know them...

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