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Slave2MyWife: Rulebook for a slave

This web log is or so the clash between fantasies and reality, with stressful to act out D/s with kids absolute at home. The pics and stories describe D/s fantasies, the text edition describes what genuinely happens in O/our D/s household day by day. i have too publicized a few pieces of my falsehood along the blog. You can contact me at [email protected] RULES - A SLAVE engage primary rules aft sign language this papers a enslaved must live its whole being accordant to this Rulebook and possible amendments made to it by Mistress.

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A Submissive Sissy

All my life I'd enlightened that the man must operation his family. She'd say: "That's ok honey, I'll earn plenty for some of us." "Just relax dear, I'll validation us." and so on. For weeks she fired off these encouragements at me in waterway succession. Any man who can't be the wage earner is not a man; he's a nonstarter - to a lower place contempt. I was used to propulsion around lots of money, of existence in total bodily function over people's lives. I could push anyone around: a multi-national company, a have client, my wife. She just couldn't understand that I wasn't disquieted or so money, I had plenty of medium of exchange in the bank. The humiliation injured so much that my self-respect began to die. All my sulking and passivity slowly led me to a state where I began to do what Stephie said without question. For weeks, I woke up every morning wishing I could just australian crawl into a hole and die. Even though my wife Stephie proven to help, she alone made my feeling worse. I no longer believed I had the right to talk my mind or to demand thing of my own.

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Houseboy Husband and Femdom Wife

There a few things I equal to do less that the laundry and one of them is ironing. He has become quit corking at ironing, better than I ever was, actually. It was the oldest time I had trained him and white goods and ironing were definitely not thing that he wanted to do. Several months ago I feature an article in a women's' magazine that got me thinking. But both the laundry and ironing were a attempt for him at first. It was an article about wives that turn of events play the household chores to their husbands. healthy "turn over" was not quite how it was put, it was more similar demanded.

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