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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Investigations for Architectural Heritage Preservation: The Case of Habib Sakakini Palace, Cairo, Egypt

A broad earth entering measuring device (GPR) investigations and hazard assessment for the physiotherapy and shift of Habib Sakakini’s Palace in capital of egypt is presented herein, which is wise one of the most large architectural heritage sites in Egypt. The palace located on an ancient water pool at the south-eastern sidelong of afro-asiatic disconnect besiding ruler Bebris Al-Bondoqdary masjid is a vicinity also known as “Prince Qraja al-Turkumany pond”. That pond had been full trailing by Habib Sakakini at 1892 to construct his famous palace in 1897.

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Ground penetrating radar

GPR systems work by sending a tiny pulse of energy into a bodily via an antenna. An introjected computer records the strength and minute obligatory for the return of any reflected signals. Subsurface variations will make reflections that are picked up by the plan of action and keep on digital media.

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) - BCHAZMAT Management Ltd.

BCHAZMAT now operates Ground perceptive Radar (GPR) to locate submersed objects and furnish service specified as hole-and-corner entrepot tank and utility locating and mapping, cemetery and forensic mapping, connexion and route inspection and geological explorations. broken keen radar is the latest instrument for a non-destructive, non-intrusive way to brainwave out what is underground on your property. It is an effective, quick, easy, and safe way to locate embedded and/or buried obstructions specified as unseeable oil tanks, rebar, or pipes anterior to drilling, cutting, coring, trenching or digging. now offers GPR scanning assist including oil cell scanning, tangible replication and biggish area scanning.

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