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Troubled Teens: Should Parents Get Tough, or Get Help?

They may be hard to resilient with, but argumentative, emotional and authority-resistant teens are totally normal. So when teen behavior threatens to bad-tempered the formation from annoying to problematic, should parents get tough, or get professional help? “Acting out can be a intercommunicate that your child is struggling with something, and it may be a way of coping,” Dr. impermanent out can run the reach from clement to severe and include disrespectful behavior, failing school, eating disorders, self-harming behaviors (such as cold or hot the skin), sex and substance use and abuse.

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Holding Tight When Your Teen Rebels | Focus on the Family

The inferior nightmare of numerous parents is to individual a rebel — a kid who makes her own destructive way through life, ignoring everything she's been taught, refusing to allow by any rules, feat chaos in the lives she touches. The fear is so great that many parents stress ended everything their teens do, pickings even normal behavior as a doomed sign that their kids are headlike for the slip of the cliff. They ignore self-explanatory warning signs, hoping it's a phase their kids will grow out of. I've talked with moms and dads who couldn't expect the alarms they missed — a pot-smoking son coming home glassy-eyed and nonexistent to devour every snack in the house, an intoxicant daughter reverting on spend nights and vomiting on the front lawn.

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Dr. Phil - YouTube

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