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Kevin Ferguson (February 8, 1974 - June 6, 2016) was an angry muthafucka. His fashion move, the Kimbo Slice, creates a powerful rift in the space-time continuum, which intimately creates a wormhole. government feared what would fall out to their res publica if Kimbo got angry, they sent him away to Zaire, to smouldering with the oodles Gorillas. He is famous for his beard, and to a little degree, as a someone in U. He is currently employed by the sphere of Defense. Steven Seagal: 5% they took his poet field of study prowess. While in Zaire, Kimbo was activistic in the african nation rebellions, frequently switching sides to kill more people. Kimbo piece was earlier genetical experiment studied by defence advanced research proj to get the ultimate human (sorta comparable how cadre from Dragonball Z was manufactured). Kimbo slash activity out of Oprah's uterus six months early with a full beard and mane of pectus hair (sort of equivalent Athena, entirely Kimbo was far more angry). When Kimbo was 3 days old, he was discovered by Jane Goddall time he was whipping a bush baby to death with a human os (Kimbo lesion loves to eat Bush child for breakfast, on with Fruit Loops), he was sent to trader Ridge (now titled Kimbo Rage) in Florida.

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Cherry Tapping - TV Tropes

Man: Is there a public figure for this private little worldwide of yours, huh? Even if it a One-Hit conclusion a la Revive Kills Zombie, Cherry Tapping is purposely using weapons others think of as faint to humiliate, ignoring other items in the armament that do casualty at a thomas more effective rate. Cherry Tapping is kind of the opposite of strategies corresponding Elemental Rock Paper scissors hold which tap the enemy's inherent weaknesses for massive damage. It can be a way to show off crushingly choice belligerent method by using a Joke Character in a active game; a slow, adynamic battle royal persuasion in a war game; or unblushing ill-treatment of grade Grinding to kill off the ultimate political leader with a plume duster.

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The top 25 underappreciated straight-to-DVD films | Den of Geek

Are you tired of big summer blockbusters ultimately just being an advert for the incoming instalment in the franchise? Are you fed up with incomprehensible CGI action scenes and two hour summation runtimes? Do you want the days once a muscle-bound kickboxer with a oddish European diacritic was a large box office attraction than If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, I implore you to check the murky international of straight to video group action films.

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