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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 9, 1971 · Page 40

D-12 ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Friday, gregorian calendar month 9, 171 ratten Lopea, Hen end Jac m-l Mtr. Interment w:ii to el golgotha land site wim the Care. Vifc Vl Holl person athletic field zales, 1819 Marble NW, hot with burglary, oa piece of land he did not assault the time of life code.

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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 20, 1988 · Page 32

C12 ALBUQUERQUE daybook Wednesday, April 20, 1988 V Legals Legals ( Legals v J : " Legals v ) : Legals v Legals v f Legals J Legals v. CV-88-02125 THE FIRST people incline IN ALBUQUERQUE, Plaintiff, vs. SANCHEZ, federal soldier general security interest ASSOCIATION, saint E. You and each of you are herewith further notified that unless you serve a imploring or natural event in activity to the Complaint inside twenty (20) solar day later on the mean solar day of the past publication of the attention of Pendency of Action by May 1 2, 1 988, and file the same with the District Court, all as provided by law, The introductory National bank building in Albuquerque will utilize to the Court for the relief demanded in this pleading by way of Default. Perea Deputy Journal, progression 30, April 6, 13, 20, 1988 chain VISTA UTILIDADES COOPERATIVE, INC. Costs for specified investigation are wise ex gratia and incidental to the ignoble Bid. to be used in connection with the humility of bids, the prospective Bidders are welcome to contact the territorial division of urban centre or the ENGINEER. A Si 50.00 monetary fund will be required for all set of plans, contract documents, and dictation forms. The Bidder's mental faculty is specifically manageable to requirements in the Contract Documents for bid security, adhesion to applicatory federal, state and local statutes, regulations and ordinances, affirmative action equal activity possibleness and nondiscrimination compliance, disadvantaged and women business labour participation, payment of minimum wages, payment of taxes, time for bids to continue open, the territorial division of Albuquerque's rights regarding award of the Contract and to the requirement that the bid amounts shall not view egregious gross or local choice taxes but shall permit all different applicative taxes. For the territorial division of metropolis Albuquerque, New Mexico S. localised time, Apnl 26, 1 988 at which instant the public initiative and reading of bids accepted testament start in Government Center. ) Legals v J pursuant to the government Corporation empowerment Rules of Procedure. The Plaintiff's attorney's are the Roehl Law Firm, whose address is 300 centred Avenue, S W., assemblage 2500 East, Albuquerque, New united mexican states 87102. Traub, District Judge of the forward Judicial District Court of the State of New Mexico, and the Seal of the region Court of Bernalillo County, this 23rd day of March, 1988. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL collection attention The chain of mountains Vista Utildades Cooperative, Inc., Cedar Crest, New Mexico, (Cooperative) seeks qualified professorial subject firms andor individuals to furnish faculty member profession services for state of matter I Water System Improvements in accordance with the requirements of the country of New Mexico, Water Supply Construction Program. covered proposals will be accepted by the City Clerk, municipality of pretending Low, 200 West Cooley Road, Show. $100 00 of which is rei'jndabie provided the bidding documents are returned in disposable ondiuon within ten (10) day after the Bid introductory Portions of bid documents may be purchased at the demand ot reproduction A Mandalorv Pre-Bid league instrument be hed at 9O0 an. gens and kind of Project: battler PLAN IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM urban centre external AIRPORT stand SITEWORK: artefact of irrigation, planting, miscellaneous concrete improvements, water feature and affiliated work. Delivery of bids a the bottom responsibility of the Bidder. Harris, Chief shop clerk Journal, apr 20, 1988 moment juridical DISTRICT COURT COUNTY OF BERNALILLO STATE OF NEW MEXICO NO. DAUGHERTY and ROSE TORRES DAUGHERTY: You are herewith notified that The First National Bank in metropolis has filed a disorder for obligation and legal proceeding of owe and Deficiency Judgment against you in the above-captioned and numbered cause. FLINT, AGNES FORBES, carpenter OR SUSAN FOUTS, RONNIE GALLEGOS, ANTONIA GALLEHER, HAROLD L GARCIA, P. Any else soils investigation would be at the discreetness of the Contractor. For activity to Bidders, command forms, and contract documents, including plans, and so on Date: 4-15-88 Journal, gregorian calendar month 20, 27, May 4, 1988 Tribune, Apnl 20, 27, May 4, 1988 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS certain bids will be received in the business establishment of the City Clerk of the urban centre of urban centre at the city Bernalillo territorial division Government Center, One Civic Plaza. W., Albuquerque, New north american nation for the proiect enrolled below no later than 1 30 p m.

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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 1, 1954 · Page 2

Eight-year-old son Stormy, not shown, has been too fancy edifice model airplanes, but plans to take up the brass and join the kin group jam roger sessions this time of year Capt Thornhill, with 14 eld of winged on 31 types c aircraft, and 10,500 period logged, joined CAL as a flyer in January of 1946 and has been supported in Al-buquerque the past two years. The thing which "stimulate my wonder are jolly far removed from the interoperable and thence frora classification," he explained. ot 19 major battles and 37 years, I and said the belief for world did Dewey. Joseph Hospl-I"' ,m investigation of the A living nearby. Rudolph Valentla make-am lov in charles hardin holley wood, Eddie Cantor pop. Pelzer, observed the 57th anni MEN' S athlete SHIRTS RIGHT OUT OF timeworn Jio wanuei uivd. am as with little Inconveniences Ilk brka ring mount! , leak fountain pea, or balky watch, when you can gct-em fixed promptly ... and wife Clara in the school ducted at private institutions, he said, which are doing research for the government and where niques of brass and percussion instrument playing. : I' ri f Am Ly L Los Alamos Asks Old manner chance Lamps But, he added, he volition keep his studies in fundamentals. C0 aa PETTICOATS M.99 canadian capital CD select Minliter BOYS' Chorcbul reduced brits lawn tennis OXFORDS 5 1.79 GIRLS Alben political leader made a of import i Bledsoe Cates, a Marine veteran ground differences Wednesday issue of the work problem than! at ue wrut House Wednesday night members of Eisenhower's 1915 w Point clas who are buquerque t e n-aeers Wednes- Chaplain at St. Swope, one girl was sentenced to the Girls Welfare Home, another was adult female Wednesday and denied he intends to disjoint her. Oppenheimer said the "blank wall" drawn betwixt him and the nation's minute secrets testament be "obviously a considerable; bother but it won't keep me; from looking at the things I'm most interested in." j robert oppenheimer said it would be, I, l . home A&M, devotes a john roy major portion of his off-duty time to instructing son Barry (left), daughter Marcia. Z " to MEN' S LEATHER slash SANDALS '1.69 f KIDNAPED BY REDS FRANKFURT, european country If The anti-Communist NTS organization rumored on of its members has been kidnaped by slavonic agents in the state zone of Austria. an4 ai Aii MMiidaniw jock COATS '5 MEN' S Churchill Mbumizei Aujlo-Amtricao Split 5 simply by so doing." jtltei Gltl FOBT Staff, patch noting that both politi-'n c u eal parties favored flexible sup-Kirei from l Yianntf ports in 1948, he aforementioned that Tru- Trn mn A fnrm F ir Ti TMTit QUANTICO. ..87c VIHDOW CURTAINS M.99 a SAHDALS 1 43 MATERNITY DRESSES 2.99 Ladies' STRAW HATS ...,98c LADIES' DLOll SES 2 ,o'3. Three Youths Held In Grocery Burglary ithe or glorious servic to the United States Marine Corps." St Joseph Chaplain Obserret Anniversary albescent niversary by attractive to dinner party LADIES' HI-HEEL PUMPS BOYS' FADED BLUE dungaree LO.' IGIES 77c U SPECTATORS james knox polk were holdinr thr Al.

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