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Doom, Quake and mass murder | Salon.com

As the press corps pries into the personalities and pastimes of Littleton killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, we've erudite all kinds of rum details -- similar that the two were gamers, fans of Doom and Quake. Harris was an enthusiastic player, reported to media reports that emphasised he spent hours battling animated opponents. He reportedly created "add-on levels" for the games, posted instructional files on his Web site, was a member of a competitive Quake clan and read books filled with brave tips and tricks -- all of which were hauled gone as evidence.

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Teenage girls 'planned Columbine massacre copycat attack' at high school ten miles away | The Independent

Investigators in the westerly country of Colorado accept two 16-year-old girls - at smallest one of them obsessed with the 1999 Columbine massacre - planned a imitator operation at their own school day located evenhanded ten miles away. Prosecutors this week charged the second of the two teenagers, officially accusing her of plotting the fight on classmates and faculty at dozens Vista High School, located in a residential district of Denver. poet Higgins appeared in Douglas County regularise Court on Thursday, wherever she was negatively charged with lot to commit first level murder.

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James Gamble who killed himself over 'mall massacre plot' was police SOURCE | Daily Mail Online

James Gamble (pictured), who committed suicide aft an alleged plot of ground to carry out a massacre at a canadian river shopping centre on Valentine's Day was foiled, was the source who atilt off police, it has been suggested Linked to 'plot': The 19-year-old (pictured, left-hand and right, in online images) reportedly shot himself as weaponed officers encircled his dwelling house in Timberlea, Halifax, last Friday following a tip-off around the 'mass shooting' Scene: At his ceremonial on Saturday, parson archangel Cody, Gamble's uncle, referred to the teenager (who killed himself at his parents' house, pictured) as a 'wonderful young gentleman' who helped to avert a tragedy Suicide: 'Take consolation in the fact Jamie overcame evil,' Mr Cody told friends and family at a observance habitation in top Tantallon. 'He overcame evil by doing the good accomplishment that he did.' Above, Gamble's parents' national Charged: Although guard have not confirmed who gave the tip that led to the unraveling of the supposed plot, many of Gamble's friends human speculated it was the boy himself. Above, Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath (left, in her flooding school reference photo) and Randall Shepherd, 20, have been charged in connection with the 'plot' In court: It comes just four days after petite, dark-haired Souvannarath (pictured) and Shepherd, who has shoulder-length blond hair, appeared in room finished their alleged plans for a Columbine-like shooting intemperance The distich did not speak as they were arraigned on charges of conspiracy to commit kill and arson as well as wrongful connection of a individual 'through social media' to cause injury or death.

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