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Amid the uproar over Nate Parker, why is no one talking about Casey Affleck?

Published a extended narrative about Phoenix, the actor, mayhap coming out of his bizarre "retirement." Buried abysmal inside the item was an intelligence on the molestation cases: Affleck had settled with White and Górka. A joint message from some sides read simply: The disputes between Flemmy Productions, LLC and Casey Affleck with Amanda light and magdalena river Gorka in connection with the film 'I'm motionless Here' have been resolved to the mutual atonement of the parties. A few weeks later, on oct 4, 2010, some Górka and White singly filed requests that their lawsuits be dismissed.

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Casey Affleck addresses sexual harassment allegations | Page Six

Casey Affleck has self-addressed the sexual vexation allegations that plagued his honour campaign. In his first post-Oscars remarks, Affleck, 41, told the Boston Globe that no parties involved in the cases are allowed to speak on the matter, but noted, “I believe that any soft of practice of anyone for any ground is unsufferable and abhorrent, and everyone deserves to be treated with item in the geographical point and anyplace else.” “There’s really null I can do active it,” the actor added. “Other than in play my existence the way I know I live it and to speak to what my own continuance are and how I try to live by them all the time.” Affleck was accused of production “unwanted sexual advances” towards maker Amanda White during the motion-picture photography of 2010’s “I’m static Here: The cursed Year of Joaquin Phoenix.” In her $2 million lawsuit, White alleged that Affleck used her bedroom to have got sex with other women, sent her “abusive” textual matter messages when she refused to assignation a building room with him and ordered a work party member to break himself to her against her will.

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Casey Affleck breaks silence about past sexual harassment allegations - National |

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