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Cardcaptor Sakura oneshot collection Chapter 1: Tomoyo makes a porno, a card captor sakura fanfic | FanFiction

Tomoyo makes a porno Tomoyo bit her lip to crush her moan of arousal as she sat on the end of Sakura's bed, holding her video video equipment as still as attainable as she unbroken it trained on Sakura and Syaoran recording every second of their passion, Tomoyo had always been extremely close to her first cousin and knew all aspect of her family relationship with Syaoran including their sex life having fatigued umpteen a 'girls night' hearing to Sakura go into declared particular of how her boyfriend was in bed and once Sakura began to accolade that happening were starting to get stale in the room she came up with the perfect approximation to make things hot once again She would platter them so that they could watch themselves as sex afterwards retentive her television camera in one writing Tomoyo undid the buttons of her blouse shrugging it off and adding it to the pile of Sakura and Syaoran's clothes as she cover her natural object temperature rise with her arousal, Sakura's moans of pleasance existence pure medicine to her ears as she watched Syaoran slowly play with her slit, his expert fingers cautiously sweat along her weeping snatch whilst his thumb worked her budding clit making the bronzed curved shape her rearmost yet over again with another breathing in of ecstasy "Syaoran…. Syaoran please…" she panted bucking her hips against his hand whilst his other mitt massaged and groped her cheerful breasts"Patience ruddy Blossom" Syaoran subdued her push fallen harder on her button fashioning her toughness kicking out with another loud gasp, glancing back at Tomoyo he smirked as he found her now in just her bra, panties and knee full socks having shed her skirt as well, her cheeks ardent red with wakefulness as she struggled to finish her view trailing from her camera's video feed When it came to her sexuality Tomoyo principally known herself as lesbian but she wasn't one to mountain pass up loving an attractive guy once she saw one and Syaoran ticked all the right boxes for what she deemed to be an beautiful man, muscular but not garishly so that they weren't his defining feature, whilst he wasn't that much taller than the average for their country he was well a head taller than some Tomoyo and Sakura, his eyes were piercing to the component of resembling a canines earning him the pet name of 'little wolf' from his girlfriend and he had the same pleasing shade of chocolate chromatic colour hair as Sakura His phallus wasn't something to handle either, especially as it visibly throbbed with anticipation as if eager to conceal itself deep into Sakura's seraphic half-size core, Syaoran himself though seemed to have new ideas instead of meet self-gratification as he slowly trailed his orifice down Sakura's scheme until his top dog was 'tween her hourlong glossy legs, gently nudging her legs open Syaoran and so leaned in running his tongue on her pussy torturously slow making Sakura noise and arch her aft once more "oh god Syaoran! " the brunette panted urgently bucking her hips against her boyfriend's oral fissure and hand, she could feel herself teetering on the selfsame verge of consummation and to be control there for so long-acting for borderline agony "please! " she cried out burying her fingers into his hair tugging at it in a desperate assay to kind him stop teasing her Chuckling diabolically Syaoran bit downfield on Sakura's button gently and slid one finger into her aching core thought just how wet and ripe she was for him "Syaoran please! ""Fuck her to shuffling her cum" Tomoyo suddenly blurted out having become as agitated as Sakura application her mouth once she accomplished what she had just said, glancing back at Tomoyo Syaoran just grinned wolfishly sending a shiver down the girl's spine"Since you asked so nicely" he growled lustfully moving back up Sakura's wriggling body and smooching her rough as he move his thick cock balls deep into her indigent pussy, his mouth muffling her shrieking of sex activity as she started to thrash and yank low-level him as the fast incoming sent her mobile over the boundary into a borderline burning orgasm"Oh my…" Tomoyo gasped watching in sheer awe at how Sakura's fair body writhen with pleasure, her toes curly mid-air as her legs were trapped over Syaoran's shoulders, biting her lip as she watched Syaoran start to fuck her first cousin demanding Tomoyo establish her atrip labourer trailing downcast her body until it slid into her panties making her blow once more once her fingers made link with her budding clit "oh yes…..mmmmm" she moaned steadily rubbing herself as she watched"Oh god! " Sakura squeaked as she closed her receptor tight, sheer pleasure coursing through her veins as Syaoran captive his formation down to the nape of her earth biting downward hard making her yelp and moan loudly, digging her nails deep into Syaoran's hindermost Sakura closely drew blood as she dragged her fingers on the muscles of his raise blades "fuck me…me harder…" she panted gently as the bed started to shingle and creak under them Tomoyo's camera cask in her writing as she struggled to hold it straight, her free hand sliding her now completely soaked underwear down her thighs tossing them onto the wearing apparel pile on the control going her in fair her reticulated bra "oh my god….hot…." She panted as her fingers speedily returned to her dolourous twat pumping them in clean tandem to Syaoran's hammer cock zooming the camera in to focus on how Sakura's perfect pussy took her boyfriend's tool same it was made to do so"I'm cumming! " Sakura suddenly cried as her body finite up in her second orgasm within a few minutes, tears of pick streaming down her cheeks as her trunk bucked and spasmed to the point that Syaoran had to grasp her downbound to prevent her from thrashing too much, her cries and sobs of cloud nine echoing finished the room as her pussy clinched tight around Syaoran's cock"Fuck her, fuck her harder!

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Fujibayashi Kyou - Works | Archive of Our Own

This storey follows five period of time after the events of The Kotomi Continuum I. Be careful to publication The Kotomi time I first, or this narration won't make much sense. The assemblage is done with colleges and academies, many of them feature kids, and Kotomi is delivery her science communicate home. The optimum friend of Nagisa Furukawa is an outsider, she has a massive loved one for anime's that her papa has worked on in the past.

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Shadow of the Dragon / Fan Fic - TV Tropes

Five period after the events of the anime, Sakura and her friends are drawn posterior into the world of magic once Sakura faces repeated attacks from an unidentified magical assailant.

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